June events


Online and In Person

KMC New York

US Festival:

Solving Problems through the Wisdom of Emptiness

Empowerment of Prajnaparamita & Teachings on Emptiness  Jun 18th-23rd June

Gen-la Dekyong


Online and In Person

KMC Tharpaland

Teaching skills

25. – 27. Jun

Weekend course 

German (English translation available on request)

Gen Kelsang Ananda

Online and In Person

KMC Tharpaland

The Great Mother

Empowerment of Prajnaparamita

19. – 20. Jun

Weekend course 

Language: German 

Gen Kelsang Ananda


In Person Event

Kailash IRC

The Art of letting go



Fri 18 – Sun 20 Jun
Silent Weekend Retreat

Gen Kelsang Devi

KMC Mexico


Online and In Person

KMC Mexico

the initiating blessing of Vajrasattva Buddha, The Buddha of Purification

June 26th and 27th

In this event we will receive the initiating blessing of Vajrasattva Buddha, The Buddha of Purification. We will also learn how to purify our minds, in particular our delusions and negative karma.

Gen Kelsang Sangden


Online and In Person

KMC Sydney

Pure Mind. Pure Life. Pure World.

Empowerment of Buddha Vajrasattva with Teachings on Becoming Pure
Sun 20 Jun
followed by a guided retreat on Purifying the Past · Sun 27 Jun

Gen Kelsang Lhachog

Pre Canadian Festival.jpg

Online event

KMC Canada

Canadian Kadampa Festival 2021

Transmission of Power of White Tara Buddha, Buddha of Long Life

& Teachings with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab, National Spiritual Director of Canada

June 11 - 15, 2021

Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab

Online and In Person

KMC Barcelona

Spanish Northern Dharma Celebration


A special method to eliminate obstacles and problems

Initiation of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita with teachings of the Heart Sutra and self-generation 

23rd-27th June

Gen Chokya

Online event

KMC Lille

To be supported in adversity
Transmission of the blessings of Green Tara

Saturday June 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Live!

Event followed by a guided retreat on Sunday June 27 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kelsang Détchèn


Online event

KMC Reading,UK

Vajrasattva Empowerment: The karma cleanse

Empowerment and teachings – Saturday 19 June ¦ 11.00am – 3.30pm

Please note – this event is available live only (no catch up available)

Gen Nyingpo

KMC Sevilla

Food for the soul, in Valencina de la Concepción

26th June

Summer welcome event, all profits will be used to complete the work of the new urban Temple of Seville .

Meditation, music and mantras, a delicious dinner and much more ...

Help us make the project of the new urban Temple in Seville a reality by sharing an evening full of peace and harmony of meditation, music and live mantras with Manolo Nieto and Reyes Chaves, a dinner of vegetarian dishes and the company of good Friends… Also, you can ask the monks what you want: about Buddhism and meditation, about the KMC Sevilla, the new temple or whatever you want.

Bodhisattva centreAv-2-days-month-1030x1

Online and In Person

KMC Brighton, Bodhisattva Centre, UK

Bringing Everybody to the Pure Land


Buddha of Compassion Empowerment & Commentary

June 26th and 27th

Book for weekend course

or Empowerment day June 26th

Booking will open May 15

Gen Thekchen


Online and In Person

KMC Sheffield

Medicine Buddha Empowerment – Healing our self and others. 

Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of Healing. All mental and physical illness has its root cause in the delusions within our mind. Medicine Buddha the enlightened Buddha doctor, can help us find the strength to heal both ourselves and others of inner and outer sickness.

Kelsang Lekchog


KMC Monterrey, Mexico

The Protection of Love and Wisdom -

Special Blessings from Tara Blanca

June 26 and 27

Gen Kelsang Shima

Online Event with Limited In Person Availability


Live Stream

Illuminating Wisdom

Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Manjushri

Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang


Online and In Person

Post SADC Retreat

with Gen Kelsang Namkhyen


Live Stream

KMC Fraser Valley, Canada

Accomplishing the Perfection of Wisdom
Empowerment of Great Mother Prajnaparamita
June 26th

Gen Delek

Live Stream

KMC Austria

Recognize Yourself 

18th-20th June

A special weekend course with Gen Khandro & Gen Palden

How understanding our minds brings us real happiness

Gen Khandro and Gen Palden

KMC Barcelona, Montserrat


Sundays for excursions, meditation and lunch


· An opportunity to enjoy walks in the middle of nature in a privileged environment, relax and meditate to return home in good spirits and good energy.

Regenerate your mental and physical health with guided relaxations and delicious vegetarian food

Discover a different source of happiness, inside you

Learn to enjoy the silence and serenity of a focused mind

medicine buddha 2.jpg

In Perrson and Online

KMC Hamburg, Germany

Miri Renner