Study Programmes

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has designed three special spiritual study programmes for the systematic study and practice of Kadampa Buddhism that are especially suited to the modern world: the General Programme (open to all and available at every centre), the Foundation Programme (available at most centres with few exceptions), and the Teacher Training Program (available at larger centres).  At Manjushri KMC there is also the Special Teacher Training Programme (STTP).

Most centres offer a study by correspondence option on which you can download recordings. General programme classes and courses are currently available Online.

The General Programme (GP)

The General Programme aims to introduce Buddhist concepts in a way that are relevant and accessible to modern people, without putting them under any pressure to become Buddhists themselves. This skilful way of integrating all Buddha’s teachings into daily life is the real defining characteristic of modern Kadampa Buddhism.

All weekly classes and special events are part of the general programme, and everyone is welcome to come along.

Everyone, regardless of their level of experience or background, can benefit from the classes & courses offered on the General Programme. It is a highly accessible programme designed to address everyday problems with simple and practical advice that makes sense according to our daily experience.

These classes and courses provide a basic introduction to Buddhist teachings and meditations. Through these we can learn how to use Buddha's advice as a solution to our daily problems. In this way we come to experience a sense of peace and happiness in our lives.

Everyone is welcome – you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend.

Here is a link to GP Classes at Manjushri

Here is a link to Courses at Manjushri

Please look at links to other centres for a programme at a centre near you.

The Foundation Programme (FP)

The Foundation Programme provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding and experience of Buddhism through a systematic study of six texts. It is designed for those people who wish to study Buddha’s teachings in more depth than is available at General classes. It takes a more structured approach and classes consist of readings, teachings, discussions, chanted prayers and meditations. Each subject concludes with an examination.

Here ia a link to FP Classes at Manjushri

The Teacher Training Programme (TTP)

The Teacher Training Programme is intended for people who wish to train as authentic Buddhist Teachers, and also for those who wish to gain a clear insight into Buddha’s teachings and deep experience of their practice. All qualified Kadampa Buddhist teachers follow this in-depth program of study and practice.

The programme involves the study of twelve texts, students are required to observe certain commitments with regard to behaviour and way of life, and to complete a number of meditation retreats.

The Special Teacher Training Programme (STTP)

This is held at Manjushri Centre and is available as live or by correspondence.


See STTP webpage for more details