The 3 Principal Aspects- Meditation on Renunciation

Based on oral instructions we can also practise the following. We imagine and think:

Today as a human being I enjoy human conditions and tonight I go to sleep as a human being, but during sleep due to karma and other circumstances my breathing stops completely. Then tomorrow, instead of waking up as a human being, I reach a place pervaded by fire, and my body becomes inseparable from fire. I am reborn in hell, where I will experience unbearable pain for millions of years.

Contemplating this imagination, which comes from our wisdom, again and again, we will develop fear of samsaric rebirth in general and of lower rebirth in particular. This fear is renunciation, which comes from our wisdom. We meditate on this renunciation continually until we maintain this fear day and night without ever forgetting it. At this time we have developed pure renunciation, or renunciation of the path. Path in this context is a spiritual path or spiritual realization. The effectiveness of this meditation depends on our potential for spiritual realizations.