What is Mindfulness

In Buddhism, mindfulness is an aspect of the mind that functions to remember an object and also prevent distractions.

So this means once we 'know' what something is, or how to do something, mindfulness helps us not forget. This is as important in everyday life as it is for successful meditation. Without mindfulness we would never complete any task, such as making a cup of tea!

More importantly through training our minds we can increase our awareness of thoughts and feelings and recognise those that are helpful and healthy and give rise to good feelings and happiness, from others are not helpful. The unhelpful ones can often be negative trains of thoughts about ourself, others, our environment etc. These cause our minds to become disturbed, unpeaceful and unhappy, which sets up a vicious cycle of negativity.

In order to break this cycle we need to learn to let go of the unhelpful thoughts and remember or focus with mindfulness on the helpful, healthy thoughts.
This is a meaningful way to use mindfulness, that will definitely bring feelings of contentment and wellbeing.